Comments @

Part of the fun of exploring chess positions and variations is kibitzing with other players. And, believe it or not, sometimes the engines get it wrong and miss a key move. Then there’s the famous positions that everyone likes to talk about or admire. We want to implement comments by associating them with a FEN. Viewing comments should be public, but adding comments will require an account.

Subscribe to Position @

This goes in-hand withe the Comments feature. Players can subscribe to a position and get notified whenever someone comments on the position or the position is updated with fresh analysis.

Notification @

When the backlog of positions is long it can take awhile to get the Lc0 results. It would be great if the players could get notified when the results are ready, or emailed the results directly.

Process PGN @

Users can submit an entire game at one time instead of having to play through the moves.

Arrows & Highlighting

Our goal has always been to be the ultimate chess analysis board, but even the most basic boards allow the user to draw arrows and make highlights. It’s actually hard to believe this feature isn’t here yet, even for us.

Setup Board Position

Instead of requiring a FEN from an outside source or playing through a game from the start position, users should be able to drag pieces on to a clear board.

Recent Positions

Shows a list of recently analyzed positions with a board. Clicking will set the main board to that position.

Training Mode

Practice memorization and test variations by sparring against Leela.

System Status

It would be good to know what the status of the distributed network is. Particularly what percentage of nodes are operational, what percentage is busy, and what percentage is available. It would also be good to know how many positions are in the queue.

Open API

This might be how we eventually make a living. We’re looking at creating an API to allow power users and other developers access to our massive database of pre-calculated positions.

@ These features will require a user to create an account and login.